Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Britny spears-MTV awards

The 2007 MTV Video Music Awards ceremony took place September 9 in Las Vegas, leaving a trail of gaping jaws and wagging tongues. Britney Spears performs during MTV Video Music Awards ceremony in Las Vegas, 09 Sep 2007 Opening the two-hour event at the Palms Hotel and Casino was Britney Spears, who performed a listless rendition of her comeback single, "Gimme More."
Appearing out of shape and disengaged, she at times stopped singing altogether. Her fifth studio album is targeted for a November release. To make matters worse for the 25-year-old Spears, comedienne Sarah Silverman then delivered a scathing monologue in which she called the singer "washed-up" and referred to her two young boys as "mistakes."



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