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Britny spears-MTV awards

The 2007 MTV Video Music Awards ceremony took place September 9 in Las Vegas, leaving a trail of gaping jaws and wagging tongues. Britney Spears performs during MTV Video Music Awards ceremony in Las Vegas, 09 Sep 2007 Opening the two-hour event at the Palms Hotel and Casino was Britney Spears, who performed a listless rendition of her comeback single, "Gimme More."
Appearing out of shape and disengaged, she at times stopped singing altogether. Her fifth studio album is targeted for a November release. To make matters worse for the 25-year-old Spears, comedienne Sarah Silverman then delivered a scathing monologue in which she called the singer "washed-up" and referred to her two young boys as "mistakes."


Britney Spears' New CD

Britney Spears' New CD in Starbucks Tuesday
Britney spears is releasing her New CD (album) this tuesday in starbucks. The release of this cd is long waited by fans. Britney spears chose starbucks to release the CD because she felt heartily that starbucks had always been her refuge whenever she was misunderstood by the world or family. Nice decision . This shows she is sentimental too. Though she is upset by the baseless stories by tabloid, a venti strawberry frappuccino would bring satisfaction smile on her face. Her music "Here I come again" is circulating via pirate bay. This cd also contains a hidden track, the delightful, reggae-infused “Me and My Frap (Don’t Take No Crap).”
Many of the titles for her songs come from her real life incidents. Titles on Here I Come Again—”Strap It On, Girlfriend,” “Rehab Don’t Pay No Rent,” “Drivin’ with the Lights Off”—might have been based on her real life headlines in past one year. BritneySpears’ lyrics are similarly up close and personal. The new cd may throw additional light

"s"topless britney

Few days back Britney spears invited a young guy aged 21 for a pool game where she was drunk and played a game "truth or dare" and lost her tops became topless.These photos have been captured too.The Sun's online version of the story with exclusive pictures. In the latest incident to be reported, Spears tried to seduce an extra on her new single video, Give Me More, just hours after she quit the set in tears last month. then hours later, she invited the extra, Mr MikeEncinias, for a topless frolic in the pool and later seduced him in her room at LA's Standard Hotel. Mr Encinias claimed Spears' assistant handpicked him and a few of his male friends and asked them to go to her hotel for drinks by the pool. The Sun's pictures show the singer and Mr Encinias in the pool. The student told the tabloid that onlookers watched in shock as Spears, who divorced Kevin Federline days later, stripped at a hotel pool. Anyway, britney lost in this game also and became s-topless. People may be curious to catch her t.opless.

britney warm wishes

People love britney a lot and feel her as if their family member who rose from a small position to super pop singer. Now britney is undergoing lots of problems, perhaps because of her bad period from astrological point of view. But her fans are real fans. They are extending their support through websites and wishing her to regain her position. One britney fan site is there which displayed this message:" britney is going through lot of problems and needs all the love and support she can get. so please be respectful and patient. Britney will return to music and the life she once lived. But time is what she needs. Show your support and submit entry to..". The warm wishes of fans really melt us. Britney is lucky in this way and she gets well soooon.

Brittany spears lucky

Lucky britney spears got series of hits like I'm a Slave 4U accompanied by videos that began to surpass Madonna in various states of undress.
During these days she loved and had affair with justin Timberlake . But some how she married her childhood friend Jason Alexander surprising all the fans and world. But the marriage with jason was annulled few days later. Britney does many things in surprising way like this.
Next year, britny spears announced her marriage to dancer Kevin Federline and gave hint of her plans about starting a family.But, in 2005 Britney Spears was back in high profile with a new video, Do Somethin' and picked up her first Grammy Award for Toxic in the Best Dance Recording category. Spears confirmed tabloid rumors that she was, indeed, pregnant with her first child and later gave birth to a baby boy, Sean Preston, on September 14, 2005. After this what happend? entire thing is in these columns only, in this site.

brittany spears life story

Princess of Pop , britney spears, began her performing career in local productions and church choirs initially. When she succeeded in impressing the folks, she started appearing in commercials and off-Broadway plays.Around the age of 11, young Britney joined a 1990's revival of The Mickey Mouse Club TV show,.Here she started appearing with future teen-pop stars Christina Aguilera, J.C. Chasez, and Justin Timberlake.

Seeing her talent , Jive Records gave her a record contract in 1994, and expressed interest to promote her Mickey Mouse Club image.Britny spears started producing such early hits as the sweetly saccarine Soda Pop and Born to Make You Happy. She was very beautiful in these pop albums.
Britney Spears' perky innocence was avarage hit, however, when britny's racier second album Oops!...I Did It Again entered the album charts at number one and sold 9 million copies. Her oh baby baby one more time song lives always in fans hearts. This song has some special attraction and her expression in this song is too good.

Rich Brittney spears

Britney spears is oneway lucky. She earned lot of money out of her talent and effort. It is estimated that brittney spears grossed about $40.5 million with her music archestra tours and also sold 8.1 million copies of her second album. She got power rank of 4 in earnings. britney spears other ranks:money rank: 16
earnings: $38.5 mil
web hits: 981,000
press clips: 19,607
magazine covers: 5
tv/radio hits: 18
She has very large number of web hits. That shows how all the world is interested in her daily life as well as her music.She earns lot of money through her concerts for kids.SFX, the concert promoter, generates her at least $200,000 per show for a 100-show tour. Advertisers love anyone kids love. Spears has deals worth $6 million with Clairol, Polaroid and the Got Milk? campaign
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britney spears pictures

Brittny spears wrote a poem on mom,, a poem filled with hatred and helplessness by brittany spears and claimed that she had no mom hereafter. She handed over this to mom too. This situation is peculiar and delicate. Mom broke down after reading this poem by her daughter. This proves that moma has love and affection for her daughter. But daughter is in a peculiar situation and nobody to understand her. She sent a legal notice that brittanyspears mom should not try to meet britney’s sons. Britney spear also changed her will so that the caretaker would be her sister.

Britney spears mom tried to meet the children with the help of Kevin fedderline. Britny spear found this with the help of the detectives. When son inlaw is understanding the heart of old mama he is helping the grandsons to meet their grand ma. But brit never likes this for her reasons. Can we deny the right of meeting from the grandmother, grandsons, son in law side?

Anyway, we have to think from britney spears point of view too as she is now in a special condition and a bit depressed. Situation is very delicate and to be handled carefully.


briteny spears divorce

federline kevin seems not upset because of the money distribution but the partying of britney spears and way she behaves in those parties is concern to him. Money distribution between them has been completed amicably. They use a term "global divorce settlement on all issues of their marriage: " which is difficult to comprehend. what is this globalisation of divorce and marriage?The agreement meant the two boys would spend most of the week with Spears, but the couple would share joint legal and physical custody of the tots.Kevin is concerned about the well-being of their two young sons, Sean Preston, 21 months; and Jayden James, 10 months.


britny spears troubles

In fact in such troubled times only she needs a husband to care her and to instill confidence in her. Not the doctors nor the hospitals can cure the latent insecurity feeling. If she spends with family properly, happily for two weeks, all the troubles in her life would vanish. The young children can fill new joy in the disturbed mind of the mother. She has to live in the youngsters world to getrid of the tensions .The news also says that Spears embarked on several months of hard partying following her November split from the aspiring rapper, during which she was photographed without underwear, hit a photographer's car with an umbrella and shaved her head.


Britney spears husband Kevin federline

Britney spears husband kevin federline is not accepting for divorce proposal recently. It seems he is concern about the health, behaviour of his wife brittany spears and his two children. It is commendable. Atleast this guy is taking more care than britney spears about the family. It also appears that britney spears is in a state that can not apprehend properly the family responsibilities, and roles to be played. If she understood she would not be in such hurry for divorce nor behave exotically.
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